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It was one of the last days of February when I called my sister and asked her: "should I press the button?" Of course, her answer was "press!" And I pressed the button and get my tickets to...Rome! I was so indecisive cause I knew it'll be my first time of traveling alone and it made me a bit nervous. But I understood that for me it's very important and it will change me as well. And I understood how much I missed travels, missed Europe. So I'll go to Rome! Who can believe! I will be in this mind-blowing city again. So incredible. I had just a few days to plan quickly my stay there for a few days.

Next week, Monday, my plane landed in Fiumicino Airport. The first thing I saw in Italy was ta-daaaa...snow. How fun. All was covered with snow. And it was cold, but fortunately sunny. Of course I hoped to change the snow and freeze in Minsk to warm Italian sun and warmth, but life is life :) After an hour of waiting for the shuttle bus from airport (it was kind of traffic collapse that day because of weather), I...I.. am finally in Rome! It's hard to explain my emotions that moment. Be back again in this fantastic place, see again this architecture, feel again the history of mankind, crave for italian food, smell the aromas, look at italians.. all these things that possible nowhere else but there.
Arriving at my stay place took some time cause I've messed metro lines and did wrong direction :) Me, such a navigator... But lovely italians helped me and i did it :) (Add. 1 metro trip ticket costs 1.50 € and valid for 100 minutes.) I stayed in the private hotel's room in Prati, Vaticano district, that was nice location with metro access just by walk. After a quick rest, I had a special plan for the evening. Many many years ago on the one language site, I met Italian girl Melania. When I told her I'm going to Rome, we decided to finally meet up in real life. It was so wonderful to meet her, to hug each other, to stroll together, to speak and listen to, and to discover new places for me (in particularly we went to Trastevere, it's such a lovely area!). That evening was definitely as the highlight of my trip. Coming home, I felt so grateful for this experience. It all was like a "pinch me" moment.

My next day, started with a cup of cappuccino, was insanely amazing. I was strolling all day long, and couldn't get enough of breathing this air. My route was from Piazza del Popolo to Vaticano through Piazza di Spagna with sitting on the stairs and soaking the sun, to amazing Fontana di Trevi, to Via del Corso, to Piazza Venezia, to Teatro di Marcello, to Isola Tiberina, over Ponte Garibaldi to Via Arenula and Via di Torre Argentina, to ancient Pantheon, then to gorgeous Piazza Navona, to beautiful Via dei Coronari, over Ponte S.Angelo to impressive Castel S.Angelo, to Via della Conciliazione to incredible Piazza S.Pietro.
My eyes were constantly feeded with beauty. I wanted to save every single moment in my mind, in my heart. I wanted to snap every single corner, every single building, every single scooter. For me it was a dream come true.
A few places I tasted on my way that day: Grom (Via Agonale, 3, Piazza Navona, Roma) and their pistacchio gelato, Sant'Eustachio Il Caffè (Piazza Sant'Eustachio, 82, Roma) with wonderful gran caffe.

On Wednesday I visited gorgeous Basilica di S.Pietro, and occasionally had an amazing chance to see Pope during the audience. Incredible feeling!
After that, I enjoyed cappuccino at cute Brassai Bar (Via Di Panico, 28, Roma), tasty cioccolato puro gelato at Gelateria del Teatro (Via dei Coronari, 65, Roma) and went to splendid Colosseo. I'll share photos of this beauty in my next post! After a long walk I found myself enjoying delicious pizza Margherita at Ristorante La Scaletta (Via della Maddalena, 46/49, Roma)

My fourth  day in Rome was very relaxing again, with strolling all day with coffee stop at Angelina's Cafe (Via Poli, 27, Roma), drinking water from the city fountains (actually the water in Rome is amazing, my hair was so shiny after the shower like never before), walking to Villa Borghese and enjoying the Eternal City views. I walked and understood that I smile inside and outside, this city gives such a good vibes and emotions!

Next early early morning on the way to the airport I realized how lucky I'm to be there, to live these wonderful days there, to meet new people, to expande my vision. These days are my treasure.

I can't wait to be back to Rome. Hope it will be not very long wait.


Hanna said…
Rome : Quelle belle ville !
iri stories said…
Merci, Hanna! Oui oui,Rome est vraiment incroyable! Je voudrais revenir à cette ville encore et encore! <3

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